How does iTraveller work?

The travellers who come online on iTraveller can choose their destinations,discover the hotels,activities, transfers and flights, then plan and finally book,all in one single platform. A traveler does have to  visit various websites for booking each component of the package. By virtue of having the native wholesale suppliers who own the inventory and best prices on the platform, the users also get to discover the best available prices from the market. There are over 350,000 trips created by users on iTraveller and features over 20 travel destinations across the globe and over 110 native wholesale suppliers from across these destinations. With the level of automation enabled in the supply chain of holidays, the users are able to plan & book their holidays with the same level of convenience of booking flights, hotels or bus tickets.

How do I create an itinerary on iTraveller?

Well creating an itinerary may seem to be a time-consuming task but on iTraveller it's a matter of just a few minutes. You can create an itinerary by following the 7 simple steps as given below. 

(i) Give the destination name on the homepage and click on 'Get Started'

(ii) Select any one of the itineraries and click on 'View Details'

(iii) Enter your 'Travel Details' i.e date of departure, number of adults etc

(iv) Select a hotel according to the star category you prefer

(v)  Select the activities day-wise which you prefer to experience at the destination

(vi) Select the type of transfers you would like to have

(vii) Select the perfect flight out of the options on screen to complete the itinerary

Incase you need any help in creating an itinerary you can always reach us on +91-99161 07043 or +91-99166 70706. 

How do I save the itinerary which I have created?

You do not have to worry about saving your itinerary because the itinerary which you have just created on our website will be automatically mailed to you on your email address provided by you while creating the itinerary. (Note:- Please provide valid email address to get the itinerary in your inbox). 

Is it necessary to provide my email id and phone number?

Yes it is necessary to provide a valid email id and phone number. Do not worry as we would not be bugging you by making frequent calls. We take your email id and phone number to mail you the itinerary which you have created on our website and to help you out on the website incase you need any help while creating the itinerary. 

How do I trust the quality of iTraveller?

As a responsible booking platform, iTraveller performs necessary due diligence and conducts periodic quality check and acts as a reliable channel of trust between the service providers for each destination and travelers. However, we request the travelers to do their part as well in reading the review ratings of the hotels they are booking, beforehand to avoid any unpleasant incidents. 

How do I book a trip through iTraveller?

Customer's can book a trip on iTraveller by paying just 20% of the total package value, as booking advance, to initiate the bookings. This 20% amount can be paid through debit card/credit card, net banking, NEFT transfer or bank deposit. 

For any assistance required in booking a trip please feel free to contact us on +91-99161 07043 or +91-99166 70706.

What is the procedure after paying the 20% advance amount?

After making an advance payment, you are requested to provide us with the passport copies (applicable on international travel)/any valid government photo id (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Election Card, PAN Card for domestic travel). 

Also please do share with us your flight tickets, if you have already booked it from another vendor. 

NOTE:- Unless you share the passport copies, the flight ticket booking will not be complete - meaning, there could be increase in flight ticket prices, if you delay sharing the passport copies.

Is it possible to make changes after booking a package? If yes, is there any extra charges for the same?

Yes we definitely welcome changes in the package or itinerary as customizing your trip as per your preferences is our primary concern. We would try our best to make the changes without any extra charges but in some cases you may have to pay extra for the same which depends on the type of change you wish to make. 

For further information on the same please contact us on +91-88840 33778 or +91-99161 07043

What are your terms and conditions?

To read our Terms and Conditions please click here

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:- 

Flight Tickets

  • No refund for non-refundable flight tickets once the Booking Intimation is shared. (24 hrs after making advance booking payment)
  • Full refund after deducting the cancellation charges (as per airline policies) for the refundable flight tickets at least 35 days before travel date.
  • 5% of the total package value will be charged for cancellation of the trip once the BCR (booking confirmation receipt) is shared.
  • Within 35 days of travel date: No refund


  • No refund for non-refundable hotel rooms
  • Full refund after deducting the cancellation charges (as per hotel policies) for the refundable hotel rooms.
  • 5% of the total package value will be charged for cancellation of the trip once the BCR (booking confirmation receipt) is shared

What is your refund policy?

Please find our refund policy:- 

  • Within 35 days of travel date: No refund
  • The refund shall be processed within 15-20 working days from the date of the cancellation request.
  • All refunds shall be processed subject to processing of refunds by the respective airline/service provider.
  • No refund for non-refundable flight tickets
  • Full refund after deducting the cancellation charges (as per airline policies and iTraveller cancellation charges) for the refundable flight tickets before 35 days of travel date.

What are the different modes of making payment?

We have various options by which you can make payment for your trip:

  • Debit/Credit Cards 
  • Net Banking
  • NEFT Transfer
  • Bank Deposit

NOTE:- Transaction charges as levied by the bank will be applicable for the payments made using payment gateway

Is it safe to use my Debit/Credit card?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use your debit/credit card as our website is has been verified by 'SiteLock' which is a global leader in website security.  Also it is now  mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which has to be entered by buyers while paying online using visa or master credit card.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are as follows below:-

  • 20% to be paid, as booking advance, to initiate the bookings
  • 50% to be paid, within 48 hours of sharing the booking intimation (BI), after which the booking confirmation receipt (BCR) and flight tickets (if any), will be shared online 
  • 30% to be paid, 20 days prior to the date of departure. 
  • For travel dates of less than 20 days, the interim and final payments will have to be completed immediately after the booking intimation (BI) is shared.
  • For non refundable ticket there may be a demand of 100% of the flight ticket amount to be paid at the time of booking.
  • All the payments can be made online or offline. The check-in to the hotel, will be subject to the successful payment and updation of the same in our platform. 
    • Offline: Bank Deposit or NEFT, to iTraveller's bank account
    • Online: Using payment gateway (Transaction charges as levied by the bank will be applicable for the payments made using payment gateway)
  • If the balance payment is not complete and status is not updated in our system at least 20 days prior to the date of arrival, the rooms/transfers/flights booked in your name will be auto-canceled for all the hotels/flight/transfers in the itinerary and there will not be any refund of the amount paid.
  • Transaction charges as levied by the bank will be applicable for the payments made using payment gateway.
  • Disclaimer: The hotel reserves right to change availability of activities mentioned on the website, hence please check with the reception for the same at the time of check in. 
  • iTraveller is not responsible for any cancellations/timing changes for ferry/speedboat/train transfers due to bad weather conditions.
  • International destinations may have some mandatory peak charges in certain periods of the year which the customer may have to pay in extra. E.g- during Chinese New Year 
  • City Tax and Airport Tax, if applicable, is NOT part of this package. The same should be paid at the respective destinations. 

For more information please do read our Terms and Conditions.

How do I get in touch with iTraveller?

You can always call us on +91-99161 07043, +91-99166 70706, +91-88840 33778 (24 Hours) or write to us on inquiry@itraveller.com for any support. 

How do I get to give my feedback to iTraveller?

Our team at iTraveller would be sending you a feedback form once you complete you trip with us. Please do fill the form and send it back to us. 

If you wish to leave your feedback on Facebook or Twitter please click on the below links:

Facebook:- iTraveller Facebook Page 

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